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Creon 8 Investment creates efficient supply chains for large-scaled construction projects in the energy industry. All our products are ESG-compliant.

C8I is your turnkey contractor for large-scaled energy projects, delivering all demanded materials directly to the construction site.

We create and maintain efficient supply chains of materials, facilities, machines and equipment, spares and tools for projects in major industries: energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, mobility, construction, infrastructure and raw materials.

Being part of the Creon Group with vast market experience and a wide network of suppliers from European Union and Eurasia, we source for the most cost-, time- and quality-efficient solutions to provide them out of one hand. Our services include purchasing, quality control, ESG compliance, turnkey logistics and trade financing.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the main long-term sourcing partner and general contractor for the “new energy age”. We install lean supply chain management of commodities with the lowest emissions possible. We shorten transport routes, set up long-lasting partnerships with responsible manufacturers and diversify promotion in line with leading European sustainability and ESG standards.

Our mission

C8I was founded with the aim of ensuring an increase of sustainable profit for its valued clients. With the growing relevance of decarbonization and carbon offset throughout all industries, all our services and products already meet the highest ESG requirements. We fulfill all our contracts according to strict international sustainability goals in the whole value chain.

Our vision as a general contractor is to create the most efficient and reliable supply chains of feedstock, construction materials, machinery and tool systems from Eurasia to Europe. We source, maintain and guarantee feasible solutions for any challenging task. We add value and create new synergies for our partners and stand for sustainable based on a common climate agenda between Europe and Eurasia. At the same time, we always offer the cost-optimal solution for our customers.


The climate change is a major challenge for mankind. All industries today are forced to create sustainable business models, implement green technologies based on renewable energies throughout their value chain.

We are proud to contribute to this progress and to speed up transformation of the energy sector.

Our history is inseparably linked to the expansion of the Eurasian oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries in the past 30 years. These sectors have been changing tremendously, turning towards decarbonization and sustainability goals. We foresaw this trend long before the Paris Climate Agreement or the European Green Deal became realities. The Rating for Environmental Transparency of Eurasian oil and gas companies, which our shareholding company Creon Capital started jointly with WWF in 2014, set an industry-wide benchmark and challenges oil companies to do more for good.

It is of utmost importance to perceive the European Green Deal as an Eurasian project, uniting markets in Europe and Eurasia, making best use of their respective competitive advantages.


We source and deliver supplies 
for the following industries:

Raw materials

Green Energy

Chemicals &





We provide turnkey supplies and solutions 
for the following sectors:

Loading terminals
Harbour &
shipyard facilites
Heliports & airfields
Trunk & infield pipelines
Power & construction
Power infrastructure
Pumps & turbines
Tools & spares
Shift camps &
interim housing


We find the optimal solution providers out of our wide network of manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, machine building companies and service providers. Our scope:


  • QCD analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Manufacturer verification
  • Procurement


  • RFP
  • Negotiation
  • Transaction management
  • Interim financing

Quality control

  • Plant and factory audit
  • Performance audit
  • Customs and warehousing
  • Delivery inspection

ESG due dilligence

  • Assessment of material ESG risks
  • Supply chains check (emissions, carbon offset, renewables share)
  • Resource efficiency
  • Compliance to ISO and GRI standards


International top-managers contribute with expertise and contacts to the success of C8I

Dr. Fares Kilzie

Chairman of the Board

Leveraging nearly 30 years of expertise in the field of international energy business in Eurasia, Dr. Kilzie excels in his work with Creon 8 Investment, with focus on support of industrial projects on their pathway towards carbon free future. Dr. Kilzie gained credibility as an expert for commercial-scale environmental projects since 2013, when he started developing the Environmental Transparency Rating of oil and gas companies in cooperation with WWF. Prior to the breakthrough of ESG policies and the Paris Climate Agreement (2015), the rating has been established as a barometer for environmental activities of companies.

Filippo Palumbo

General manager

In 1994, Mr. Palumbo joined the family business (PALUMBO S.p.a.) in the shipping department. After a few years, he was appointed Vice President with a strong orientation to foreign relations and activities to manage and coordinate all foreign operations, offices abroad and first level commercial activities. Currently, Mr. Palumbo is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISS PALUMBO Srl, based in Livorno. The company has been dedicated since 1974 to freight forwarding in particular transport by land, sea or air, in the field of international shipping, and services relating to integrated logistics and in particular way in the offshore oil and gas. Mr. Palumbo manages 170 employees and offices abroad, e. g. in UK, USA, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Mozambique, Netherlands, Spain and Cyprus.

Giovanni Taliento


After graduating from Bocconi, Mr. Taliento worked for IBM as Account Manager. Later he had a partnership in a famous tax advisory in Milan and co-founded of the Taliento Commercialisti Associati. Mr. Taliento gained over 30 years of experience in corporate, tax and business matters, carrying out consultancy roles and holding governance roles as director and auditor of several companies. He has been taking on assignments throughout Europe and in UAE and USA. Given his past in IT he has a strong background in automation of business processes for finance, audit, compliance and risk functions. He now dedicates himself to consultancy and governance in the sector of non-performing loans (NPL) and related securitizations. He is member of RSM Auditing and Accounting Organization SpA Scientific Committee.

Jan Wuppermann


Jan Wuppermann completed his vocational training in banking and has a master’s degree in International Business from Maastricht University and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Münster. He has more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance, restructuring and auditing, amongst others as Head of Internal Audit North- and Latin America of a stock-listed packaging corporation and in the establishment of a bank’s M&A department. As a founder and Managing Partner of Operando Partners, he is responsible for investor relations and the origination of transactions. He is also a shareholder of Wuppermann AG, a family-owned metal processing business founded in 1872, which has an annual revenue of around 500 million euros.


Our strong partner network brings you the best in field expertise


Endion is a modern energy distributor of climate-friendly energy from Eurasia to the European Union, securing attractive conditions for municipal energy providers, suppliers, public service and industrial companies via long-term contracting.


Endion Logistics is a premium supplier of logistics services, offering tailored door-to-door services in freight forwarding worldwide, including contract logistics and supply chain management. The company’s focus are renewable energy projects: turbines, nacelles and towers for wind farms.


Creon Energy Fund is a smart investor, able to co-finance promising projects. Founded in 2016 and based in Luxembourg, Creon Energy Fund, managed by Creon Capital, is one of the first private equity funds investing in climate-friendly projects that link Europe with Eurasia.


The Creon Group of companies is a center of expertise and strategic advisory for the energy, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as feedstock supplies and logistics in Eurasia.


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